Global Biometrics & AI Congress 2017

December 6-7, 2017
Beijing, China

Global Biometrics & AI Congress 2017 will be held on 6-7 December in Beijing, China. It will gather global industry leaders and experts to talk and discuss about most advanced biometric technologies and AI applications. Sincerely invite you to join us!

In 2016 and 2017, China has introduced the “three-year implementation and action program of Internet + AI” and “a new generation of AI development plan”. Development of AI in education, medical, smart city, smart home and many other areas is promoted to the national strategic level. Among which, biometrics, one of the application directions, becomes the focus of AI research and development projects.

At present, the Internet finance has entered a critical transition period of compliance development. Innovation in the field of financial technology continues to progress, while application of AI and biometrics and other new technology in the field of third-party payment becomes more and more extensive. With the rapid development of mobile payment, information security and smart phone industry, the future of biometric technology is promising, not only improving the security of payment, but also introducing a new means of payment other than cash, bank cards or mobile payment, which will become the hot spots of new financial technology.

ENMORE will hold Global Biometrics & AI Congress 2017 in Beijing on 6-7 Dec., aimed at further promoting the application of biometric technology in different scenes, a breakthrough in AI technology key nodes. We will explore the latest biometric technology and future application with professionals and experts in biometrics and application areas. Let’s look into the developments trends and concerns of current biometric application.

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