Artificial Intelligence

Tractica’s Artificial Intelligence advisory service examines
use cases and business models for the application of artificial
intelligence technologies in enterprise, consumer, and
government markets.



Tractica’s Robotics advisory service analyzes global
market trends and applications for robotics and related
automation technologies within consumer, enterprise,
and industrial markets.


User Interface Technologies

Tractica’s User Interface Technologies advisory service focuses
on emerging technologies that enable advanced interaction
with technology products and services across application
domains including mobile, home, health, automotive,
 enterprise, and industrial markets.


Wearable Devices

Tractica’s Wearable Devices advisory service covers  hardware,
software, and services in the rapidly-developing market for
connected wearables. Key categories of focus include smart
watches, smart glasses, and wearable sensors for consumer,
commercial, and industrial markets.



Tractica's Digital Health advisory service examines technologies,
business models, and industry dynamics surrounding the burgeoning
market for connected healthcare. Major topics analyzed within the
service include mobile health, home health technologies, healthcare
information systems, wearables for health and fitness, and the application
of artificial intelligence and robotics to the healthcare industry.


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Latest Research Reports

 Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence for Edge DevicesEdge-Based AI Chipsets and Accelerators for Mobile Phones, Smart Speakers, Head-Mounted Displays, Automotive, PCs/Tablets, Drones, Security Cameras, and Robots: Global Market Analysis and Forecasts -
Artificial Intelligence for Healthcare ApplicationsMedical Image Analysis, Healthcare VDAs, Computational Drug Discovery, Medical Treatment Recommendation, Patient Data Processing, and Other Use Cases: Market Analysis and Forecasts -


Commercial Drone-Enabled ServicesSmall Unmanned Aircraft Systems Services for Aerial Imagery, Surveying & Monitoring, Mapping, Inspection, Filming & Entertainment, and Delivery: Global Market Analysis and Forecasts -
Robotics Market ForecastsConsumer Robots, Enterprise Robots, Industrial Robots, Healthcare Robots, Military Robots, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, and Autonomous Vehicles -

 User Interface Technologies

Gesture Control InterfacesMobile Devices, Gaming, Smart Buildings and Smart Appliances, Automotive, Healthcare, Augmented and Virtual Reality, Sign Language, and Computing: Global Market Analysis and Forecasts -
Voice and Speech RecognitionHealthcare, Automotive, Authentication & Identification, Voice Search, Voice Commerce & Customer Service, Smart Home, Analysis and Consumer Robot Applications: Market Analysis and Forecasts -

 Wearable Devices

Smart HeadphonesNext-Generation Headphones with In-Ear, Earbud, True Wireless, and Neckband Form Factors for Consumer, Sports, and Enterprise Markets -
Connected Wearable PatchesClinical and Non-Clinical Patches for Monitoring, Detection, Diagnosis, Medication Management and Treatment, Health, Wellness, and Prevention: Global Market Analysis and Forecasts -

 Digital Health

Population Health Management Software and ServicesData Management and Analytics, Targeted Care Management and Coordination, and Patient Engagement: Global Market Analysis and Forecasts -
Telehealth Video ConsultationsRemote Video Consultations in Clinical and Non-Clinical Environments: Global Market Analysis and Forecasts -

Recent Blog Posts

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Research News

Artificial Intelligence Edge Device Shipments to Reach 2.6 Billion Units Annually by 2025 September 13, 2018 - Artificial intelligence (AI) processing today is mostly done in a cloud-based data center. The majority of AI processing is dominated... More
Enterprise Blockchain Revenue to Surpass $20 Billion by 2025 August 28, 2018 - In the past year, blockchain has become a controversial global phenomenon, with the technology perceived as either a solution for... More
Healthcare Artificial Intelligence Software, Hardware, and Services Market to Surpass $34 Billion Worldwide by 2025 August 27, 2018 - The healthcare industry has undergone a significant evolution over the past several years, moving from an antiquated, paper-based records system... More