AI Hardware Summit

September 18-19, 2018
Mountain View, California

The AI Hardware Summit is the first and only conference dedicated solely to the ecosystem developing hardware accelerators for neural networks and computer vision.

Join 250+ senior technological leaders from AI chip start-ups, semiconductor companies, system vendors/OEMs, data centers, enterprise, financial services, investors and fund managers, to build a comprehensive architectural roadmap of the emerging AI chip market.

Hear from 25+ top speakers including:

  • Andrew Feldman, Co-Founder & CEO, Cerebras Systems
  • Chris Nicol, Co-Founder & CTO, Wave Computing
  • Reza Zadeh, Founder & CEO, Matroid
  • Cade Metz, Technology Correspondent, New York Times
  • Yi Shan, CTO & Partner, DeePhi
  • Karl Freund, Senior Analyst, Machine Learning & HPC Moor Insights & Strategy
  • Cliff Young, Software Engineer, Google Brain
  • Alexandra Wright-Gladstein, Co-Founder & CEO, Ayar Labs

Take advantage of unique networking opportunities to meet key industry leaders 1-2-1, whilst also exploring:

Innovations and Optimizations of High-Performance Chip Architectures: GPUs, ASICs & TPUs, FPGAs…

Alternative Approaches: hybrid digital/analog computing, neuromorphics & neuromemristive systems, quantum computing.

The Role of Software: assistance software, software frameworks, ecosystems, and applications. Generating user-friendly native code and linking open source machine learning frameworks like TensorFlow & Caffe.

Industry Developments: Start-up & Corporate R&D, Venture Capital and Corporate Venture Capital investment trends, strategic acquisitions & partnerships.

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