Computer Vision Market Assessment

Market Trends, M&A Transactions, Private Placement Financings, and Public and Private Company Profiles

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Pages: 123
Tables, Charts, Figures: 8
Release Date: 4Q 2015


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The commercialization of computer vision technologies is proceeding rapidly around the world, with a wide range of applications emerging in markets including consumer & mobile, medical, robotics & machine vision, automotive, security & surveillance, and sports & entertainment, among others.  As the applications and business models for computer vision take shape, a complex technology ecosystem is forming to support the market, including participants from a variety of sectors such as sensors, processors, embedded software, cloud/web services, gesture recognition, and 3D cameras.

The computer vision market is wide open to new entrants and technology.  The industry is awash in startups and small companies trying to ride the wave.  In fact, application markets like security & surveillance are already starting to become overcrowded, with some 80 – if not more – companies offering facial recognition software, just as one example.  During this formative period for computer vision technologies, the competitive landscape will evolve rapidly, and the next several years will be a very dynamic period for startup formation, merger & acquisition activity, private placement financings, intellectual property licensing, and strategic partnerships.  In short, the market map that exists today will be significantly transformed in the years ahead.

This report has been produced through a collaboration between Woodside Capital Partners and Tractica.  The study includes an assessment of the market landscape and industry trends within the global computer vision sector, along with analysis of merger & acquisition transactions, private placement financings, and the public and private companies engaged in the computer vision technology market.  For additional market research on the computer vision sector, please contact Tractica.  For a discussion on corporate development and M&A opportunities in the computer vision sector, please contact Woodside Capital.

Key Questions Addressed:

  • What are the key drivers of market growth for computer vision? What key challenges are faced by industry participants?
  • What is the current structure of the industry, and where do various market participants fit in terms of the application areas they are addressing and the technology solutions they are providing?
  • What is the size of the market opportunity for computer vision technologies, and how does it vary by application and world region?
  • What are some of the M&A transactions that have taken place so far in the computer vision market?
  • Which computer vision companies have received private placement financing?
  • What are the public and private companies that are engaged in the computer vision business?

Who Needs This Report?

  • Computer vision technology companies
  • Mobile device manufacturers
  • Consumer electronics companies
  • Industrial automation and robotics companies
  • Medical device manufacturers
  • Automotive manufacturers
  • Semiconductor and component vendors
  • Software developers and integrators
  • Government agencies
  • Investor community

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction: Market Overview and Industry Trends
    1. Market and Trends
    2. Business Models
    3. Market Forecast
    4. Market Definition and Overview
    5. Market Drivers
    6. Market Barriers
    7. Key Markets and Applications
    8. Regional Differences
    9. Market Map
  2. M&A Transactions
    1. Selected M&A Transactions – Transaction Value Disclosed
    2. Selected M&A Transactions – Transaction Value Not Disclosed
  3. Private Placement Financings
    1. Selected Private Placement Financings
  4. Public Company Profiles
    1. Advanced Vision Technology
    2. Alphabet Inc.
    3. Apple Inc.
    4. ARM Holdings
    5. Autoliv, Inc.
    6. Avigilon Corporation
    7. Basler AG
    8. BMW Aktiengesellschaft
    9. Bosch Ltd.
    10. CEVA Inc.
    11. Cognex Corporation
    12. Continental Aktiengesellschaft
    13. Daimler AG
    14. Denso Corporation
    15. Elbit Vision Systems Ltd.
    16. Facebook Inc.
    17. General Electric Company
    18. Image Metrics Inc.
    19. Image Sensing Systems Inc.
    20. Infineon Technologies Inc.
    21. Intel Corporation
    22. Iteris Inc.
    23. KLA-Tencor Corporation
    24. Magna International Inc.
    25. Microsoft Corporation
    26. Mobileye N.V.
    27. Morpho Inc.
    28. National Instruments Corporation
    29. NVIDIA Corporation
    30. Orbotech Ltd.
    31. Perceptron Inc.
    32. Koninklijke Philips N.V.
    33. QUALCOMM Incorporated
    34. Samsung Electronics Company Ltd.
    35. Seeing Machines Limited
    36. Siemens Limited
    37. STMicroelectronics NV
    38. Toshiba Corporation
    39. Xilinx Inc.
  5. Private Company Profiles
    1. 2d3 (acquired by Boeing)
    2. 3DiVi
    3. 4tiitoo
    5. Adaptive Vision
    6. Adept Technology (acquired by OMRON)
    7. Advanced Vision Technology
    8. Aimetis
    9. Algolux
    10. Aptina Imaging (acquired by ON Semiconductor)
    11. Augment
    12. Aurora
    13. Avalon Vision Solutions
    14. Brickstream
    15. BriefCam
    16. Clarifai
    17. Claron Technology (acquired by Lexmark)
    18. Cloudburst (acquired by Alphabet)
    19. Cognex
    20. Cognimatics
    21. Cortexica
    22. Creaform
    23. Cube 26
    24. DigitalPersona (acquired by Crossmatch)
    25. Edao
    26. Ellips
    27. Emotient
    28. Eos Systems
    29. Equinox Sensors
    30. EVi Technologies (acquired by Amazon)
    31. Evitech
    32. Gazepoint
    33. Genetec
    34. GEO Semiconductor
    35. Gestigon
    36. GestureTek (acquired by QUALCOMM)
    37. Hawk-Eye (acquired by Sony)
    38. Hermary
    39. HumanEyes
    40. Imagemetry
    41. Imagga
    42. Image Searcher
    43. Imagineer (acquired by Artel)
    44. Incogna
    45. InfoDif
    46. IntelliVision
    47. JLI Vision
    48. Kishonti
    49. Kolor (acquired by GoPro)
    50. Layar
    51. Leap Motion
    52. LMI Technologies (acquired by Augusta)
    53. LookTel
    54. LTU Technologies
    55. Lucidyne
    56. Matrox Imaging
    57. Megvii
    58. Metaio (acquired by Apple)
    59. Mirada Medical
    60. Mirametrix (acquired by TandemLaunch)
    61. MirriAd
    62. Mnemonics
    63. Mobile Acuity
    64. Montrose Technologies
    65. MVTec
    66. Neptec Design
    67. NeuroCheck
    68. Newton Labs
    69. ObjectVideo
    70. Omnibond
    71. Orbotech
    72. OrCam Technologies
    73. Pelican Imaging
    74. Percipo
    75. PlayfulVision
    76. Point Grey
    77. PointGrab
    78. Poseidon
    79. PPT Vision (acquired by Datalogic)
    80. Prozone (acquired by STATS)
    81. QuesTec
    82. Realeyes
    83. Reveal Imaging (acquired by SAIC)
    84. RSIP Vision
    85. Seegrid
    86. Sension (acquired by GAIA System Solutions)
    87. SICK
    88. Sightcorp
    89. Sightech
    90. Sighthound
    91. SightLogix
    92. Smart Eye
    93. SMI
    94. SoftKinetic (acquired by Sony)
    95. Soliton
    96. Spikenet Technology
    97. Sportvision
    98. Stemmer Imaging
    99. Tend
    100. TeraDeep
    101. Thalmic Labs
    102. The MathWorks
    103. TrafficVision
    104. Tyzx (acquired by Intel)
    105. VanGogh Imaging
    106. VideoIQ (acquired by Avigilon)
    107. VideoMining
    108. Virtek Vision (acquired by Gerber Technology)
    109. VISIONx
    110. ViSSee
    111. Vitronic
    112. Vizrt (acquired by Nordic Capital)
    113. VXI Global Solutions
    114. Wikitude
    115. Wintriss Engineering
    116. Xiris Automation
    117. Z-Laser

List of Charts and Figures

  • Computer Vision Market Map
  • Computer Vision Revenue by Application Market, World Markets: 2014-2019
  • Computer Vision Revenue by Region, World Markets: 2014-2019

List of Tables

  • Selected M&A Transactions – Transaction Value Disclosed
  • Selected M&A Transactions – Transaction Value Not Disclosed
  • Selected Private Placement Financings
  • Application Markets for Computer Vision
  • Computer Vision Products in Different Application Markets