White Papers

Tractica regularly publishes white papers that highlight key industry trends and data points, based on the ongoing research and analysis that is part of the firm’s advisory services. These white papers are designed to provide analyst insights and real-world examples of technology implementations within Tractica’s key areas of market coverage. Each white paper leverages timely and relevant research content that is drawn from the firm’s reports or is gleaned from analysts’ ongoing interactions with key industry players.  White papers are available for free download to registered users on Tractica’s website. To download white papers, please register or log in.

Smart Home Interfaces

AI-Powered Voice, Gesture, and Biometric User Interfaces for Security, Entertainment, Sleep, Kitchen, Climate Control, and Lighting Applications

Publication Date: 2Q 2018

Enterprise Use Cases for Augmented Reality

Collaborative Office Tools, 3D Modeling for Design, Architecture and Animation, Desktop Replacement, Retail, Healthcare, Education, Plant Maintenance, Field Service, and B2B Sales Tools

Publication Date: 2Q 2017

Utilizing Humanoid Robots for Customer Engagement

Benefits and Challenges, Use Cases and Industry Verticals, and Business Considerations

Publication Date: 4Q 2016

Top 15 Use Cases for Artificial Intelligence

Practical AI Use Cases for Big Data, Vision, and Language Applications: Strategic Analysis and Market Outlook

Publication Date: 4Q 2016

Deep Learning Use Cases for Computer Vision

Six Deep Learning-Enabled Vision Applications in Digital Media, Healthcare, Agriculture, Retail, Manufacturing, and Other Industries

Publication Date: 2Q 2016

Enterprise Wearable Technology Case Studies

30 Profiles of Wearable Applications in Automotive, Corporate Wellness and Insurance, Field Services, Food, Medical and Healthcare, Logistics and Distribution, Manufacturing, Mining, Oil, and Gas, Retail and Marketing, and Travel, Transportation, and Hospitality

Publication Date: 2Q 2016

Digital Health: 10 Trends to Watch

Publication Date: 1Q 2016