5G Service Provider Tracker, 3Q 2018

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Publication Date: 3Q 2018
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The 5G Service Provider Tracker tracks service provider 5G trial and launch announcements, planned 5G spectrum awards, as well as operator 5G service announcements. It also tracks 5G initiatives of countries and regions. Its aim is to provide a detailed, comprehensive, and global view of concrete 5G plans to aid the industry in understanding the status of service providers’ 5G launch plans and the 5G-specific services they expect to deliver.The spreadsheet includes 5G real-world trials (not lab) and network operator launch announcements. It also includes announcements from countries about 5G collaboration and other initiatives.

This report is the 11th edition of Ovum’s 5G Service Provider Tracker. Both 5G and 5G FWA launches are summarized and data is organized by a multiitude of categories such as service provider, region, country and date.

Key Questions Addressed:

  • Which operators have made 5G test and/or commercial launch plans?
  • What spectrum will operators test and deploy 5G with?
  • What 5G specific services are operators trialing?
  • Which regions and countries are leading 5G development?

Who Needs This Report?

  • Communication service providers
  • Network equipment vendors
  • Software providers and developers
  • Semiconductor and component companies
  • Systems integrators and services companies
  • Government agencies
  • Investor community

Table of Contents

  1. Notes
    1. Aim of Project
    2. Methodology
    3. Definitions and 5G Standardization Timeline
  2. Summary
    1. Number of 5G Launch-Date Commitments by Region
    2. Number of FWA 5G Launch-Date Commitments by Region

List of Charts, Figures, and Tables

  • Number of 5G Launch-Date Commitments by Region
  • Number of FWA 5G Launch-Date Commitments by Region
  • 5G Auction Tracker
  • Selected 5G Service Provider Trail and Launch Plans
  • Publicly Announced 5G Commercial Launches Summary
  • Publicly Announced 5G FWA Commercial Launches Summary
  • 5G Countries
  • 5G Services