5G Regional and Global Approaches to a Technology Step Change

How to Prepare for the Next Generation Opportunity

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Publication Date: 3Q 2018
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5G is more of a step change for network operators than 4G, both technologically and strategically, and they should start the process of transformation 5G enables today. Many larger operators have already started to upgrade their 4G networks to lay the foundation for 5G, which brings more network complexity as well as more opportunity to differentiate. Operators are also starting to form partnerships with companies in adjacent and other industries so they have a foundation for competing in these in the 5G world. The first network and device launches will happen 2H18, but the majority of operators will understandably wait until 2020 or later, when equipment is mainstream. While the first launches will grab headlines, a majority of operators, including major multinationals in Europe, plan to launch in 2020 when devices and infrastructure will start to be mainstream.

5G will enhance the consumer broadband experience, but, as with 4G, operators will be unable to directly monetize it by charging more. 5G will not be enough to cause the majority of consumers to “upgrade to 5G,” but it will be another compelling reason to buy a new smartphone.

This Ovum report analyzes how service providers are preparing to lay the foundation for 5G, which brings more network complexity as well as more opportunity to differentiate. Information on active trials, industry trends and launch plans are included. The report provides forecasts of 5G subscriptions by region as well as the top 5G markets by subscriptions.

Key Questions Addressed:

  • Globally, what are network operators’ latest 5G launch plans?
  • What happens to digital services when 5G is launched?
  • What is Ovum’s latest 5G subscription outlook?
  • What can operators learn from successful 4G launches?
  • Based on where the standards are, when will equipment be available?
  • How will 5G effect market position of converged players?
  • What are the major trends shaping the industry?
  • Is there a first mover advantage from new technologies?
  • What new opportunities arise for network operators from 5G's enhanced capabilities and increased complexity?

Who Needs This Report?

  • Communication service providers
  • Network equipment vendors
  • Software providers and developers
  • Semiconductor and component companies
  • Systems integrators and services companies
  • Government agencies
  • Investor community

Table of Contents

  1. Service Provider Launch Plans
    1. Service provider launch schedule
    2. Expected operator 5G launches in 2018 and 2019
    3. Equipment availability
    4. Device vendors and 5G smartphone roadmaps
    5. 5G consumer subscription growth
    6. European 5G spectrum auction
    7. US operators 5G launch plans
    8. Asia-Pacific technology leaders launch plans
    9. European operators and future launch plans
    10. Middle East and Africa launch plans
    11. 5G and the market position of converged players
    12. Major industry trends
  2. 5G Use Cases
    1. New capabilities and services
    2. Operators and “connectivity plus” propositions
  3. Key lessons for 5G from 4G
    1. Launch timing
    2. Network rollout strategy
    3. First mover advantage
    4. 4G pricing and innovation
    5. Key lessons from 4G
  4. Conclusions
  5. Appendix Slides
    1. Further Reading
    2. Authors
    3. Ovum Consulting

List of Charts, Figures, and Tables

  • 5G Subscriptions by Region, 2019-2022
  • Top 5G markets by Subscription, 2022
  • UK spectrum auctions 3G vs 4G vs 5G
  • UK, market share of providers by revenue
  • Active 5G Trials
  • EE, 4G Coverage and Market Share, 4Q12-1Q16
  • Telefonica, 4G Coverage and Market Share, 4Q13-1Q16
  • First Mover Advantage from New Technologies?
  • Expected Equipment Availability
  • Selected Key 5G Technology Attributes
  • Consumer TMT Revenues: 2017-2022
  • Launch Timing: 3G and 4G market share change for first-launchers
  • 5G Revenues Heatmap