TU-Automotive West Coast 2018

October 3-4, 2018
San Jose, California

TU-Automotive West Coast connects you to those who make innovation easier and faster for you, reducing time to market. From the software in your product to the hardware driving it, meet OEMs, tier ones, developers, engineers, investors, and start-ups under one roof. Learn how to implement business strategies that emphasize innovation, and how to deal with the evolving technology of the automotive industry. TU-Automotive West Coast attracts the key decision makers in the connected car and autonomous vehicle market along with investors looking for the next innovative product/service.

Key topics include:

  • The Self-Thinking Vehicle: From perception & decision-making to the UX, employ artificial intelligence & machine learning methods to build contextually intelligent cars.
  • Rethink Connectivity: Future vehicles will rely heavily on connectivity & data, but will our connectivity be good enough? Assess the tech & infrastructure, e.g. 5G, needed to deliver.
  • Design Around Data: Build an infrastructure & architecture, incl. smart sensors & multi-purpose ECUs, primed for fast & cybersecure data processing (In a machine-friendly format!)
  • Edge & Cloud: Find the balance between vehicle edge computing (i.e. sensor data, critical local processing) for real-time decisions and using advanced data processing on the cloud.
  • Data + Scale + Partners = Value: Ditch fragmentation & enable easier data access to make & scale services e.g. parking & UBI that benefit both consumers & cross-industry partners
  • Debunk the Blockchain Hype: Apply decentralized digital ledgers to the auto context to increase transparency & security, plus open opportunities for new services & monetization.

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