Satoshi United

October 22-23, 2018
Dubai, UAE

After a successful event in Singapore, Satoshi United – The biggest UnConference in the world – is hosting its first ever conference in the Middle East. The unique UnConference will take place from 22-23 October in Dubai. This event is a great opportunity that offers you a chance to connect with Blockchain influencers, discuss latest trends, as well as exchange ideas with the top executives of the industry.

The event is dedicated to celebrating the hard work that has been put in by the industry leaders in making blockchain a huge success. The list of speakers includes an incredible and diverse mix of up to 40 international speakers — from Fintech, blockchain, cryptocurrency and many more industries. The companies will feature their visionary developments in different sectors, such as voting and elections, e-commerce, and supply chains. Attendees can expect to find like-minded people and will have amazing networking opportunities as well as the exchange ideas with the top executives of the industry.

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