IoT – Connected Smart Cars and Vehicles Forum

September 24-25, 2019
Berlin, Germany

The 2nd Annual forum addresses the increasing demand for connected mobility, supported by the ongoing digital revolution, which is opening the door to new avenues and services to a wide range of customer experience intelligence. Influential experts from leading companies in the rapidly transforming automotive industry will gather to discuss the role of IoT in the future of the automotive world.

In Focus:

  • Embedded and Tethered App integration
  • Cloud-based Infotainment Solutions
  • Automated Emergency and Driver Safety Systems
  • Vehicle-to-Everything Communications (V2X)
  • Riding Safely with IoT
  • Logistics and Fleet Management
  • Chief Monetization Channels

Key Learning Benefits:

  • User sensitisation – Unleash the power of Smart Devices
  • Utilizing the current technologies in Connected Vehicles
  • Inhibitors in the path of IoT implementation for automobiles
  • Tapping the market base
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