2019 World Digital Asset and Blockchain Congress

January 16-17, 2019
Dubai, UAE

The  2019 World Digital Asset and Blockchain Congress will take place in Dubai on 16-17th of Jan. It is 4th edition DAIBC hold the Blockchain series event after Shenzhen, Shanghai,Tokyo and Malaysia. The event will attract nearly 200+ attendees which focus on global investors, crypto currency exchanges, and project showcases.

World Digital Asset and Blockchian Congress will focus on:

Overview of digital assets in Middle East
Dubai’s important role in blockchain and cryptocurrencies
Innovative application of blockchain technology in different industries
How to balance regulation and innovation in Blockchain?
How blockchain technology can be adopted by the global market either as a product or service that can bring value to users?
The risk and future of Blockchain
How blockchain is changing finance
Global digital assets investment environment
How to select a blockchain project from investor side?
Cryptocurrency exchange, challenge and opportunity in 2019

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